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Holstein Canada is proud to unveil the completely redesigned and enhanced www.holstein.ca website. The website has a brand-new look and feel, and the overall functionality of the site has been vastly improved for members and industry partners alike. "Technology is part of the daily routine in today's very changing dairy industry - Holstein Canada is undertaking major changes to make sure we meet our members' expectations at this level– a new web site is the first step of this rejuvenation process," adds Holstein Canada CEO, Ann Louise Carson.

Since the announcement at the Annual General Meeting in April that a new "user-friendly" holstein.ca would be launched before the end of the year, much time and effort have gone into ensuring the new site is extremely functional and appealing for the members. Significant improvements to existing web functions such as e-Reg and e-Transfer have been made. Members, industry partners and website visitors can expect a site that is faster, more stable and will not freeze.

The new website is now compatible with all web browsers and most excitingly, users now have the ability to view the website on their tablet and smartphone devices. Members also have the ability to access and use web applications such as e-reg and e-transfer from their smartphones.

All of the content on the website has been updated, rewritten and reorganized into a more logical fashion under the following new tab names: About Us, News-Events, Membership & Programs, Services and Awards-Lists. All information located under these tabs is now no more than three clicks from the homepage.

While the main facelift of the site is now live, continuous improvements to add additional new features will continue to take place as Holstein Canada gathers comments from members and industry users. More updates and improvements will be shared as Holstein Canada continues to roll out www.holstein.ca. In the meantime, enjoy the new website- happy surfing!

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