Results of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Ky. (2013)

National FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management Career Development Event (CDE)
High Teams
1st Place-- Kentucky
2nd Place-- Minnesota
3rd Place-- Indiana

High Individuals
1st Place-- Tyler Goodlett of Spencer Co FFA, KY
2nd Place-- Caleb Fulkerson of Spencer Co FFA, KY
3rd Place-- Kathleen Migliazzo of Buhach Colony FFA, CA

National FFA Milk Quality and Products Career Development Event
High Teams
1st Place-- Texas
2nd Place-- Idaho
3rd Place-- California

High Individuals
1st Place-- Kasey Reinen of Lavernia FFA, TX
2nd Place-- Sandra Duran of Atwater FFA, CA
3rd Place-- Carolyn Bayer of Fair Play FFA, MO

Dairy Cattle Handlers' Activity 2013
1st Place-- Bryan Ownby of Walker Valley Hs FFA, TN
2nd Place-- Madison Gibbs of Maquoketa Valley FFA, IA
3rd Place-- Tyler Royer of North Country Career Center FFA, VT

Dairy Proficiency Award Winners
Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship Proficiency Winner: Chelsea Skidmore, Ohio
Dairy Production - Placement Proficiency Winner: Ted Schmitmeyer, Ohio