AminoMaxIn response to rising demand, AfgriTech LLC has increased its production of AminoMax® Pro bypass protein by more than 50 percent, according to Les Berghorn, Regional Sales Manager.

"This is the second time in a year we've had to expand in order to meet demand," said Berghorn.

Introduced to the United States in 2012, AminoMax is a unique bypass protein source made from canola and soy meal. A highly controlled manufacturing process with 400 sensor checkpoints reduces the particles to a very fine, uniform size which allows them to remain suspended and protected in the rumen. The result is a bypass protein source that delivers consistently high levels of bioavailable lysine, methionine and other essential amino acids to the cow.

"The AminoMax manufacturing process is key to its consistency," said Berghorn. "It's not like other soy bypass products that start with a raw bean, and end with a highly variable product. AminoMax Pro has very little variability in amino acid bioavailability because every stage of the manufacturing process is highly controlled."

AminoMax Pro increases metabolizable protein yield, which allows greater flexibility when formulating rations to meet feeding goals, said Tom Tylutki, Ph.D., a Technical Support Nutritionist for AfgriTech. "Nutritionists are using AminoMax Pro as a tool to help limit the amount of crude protein in the diet," said Tylutki. "They can help producers improve protein efficiency and energy status of the cow, and reduce the amount of nitrogen excreted."

AminoMax Pro is also attracting attention from academia. Currently, researchers at Cornell University's Department of Animal Science are developing repeatable assays to help commercial laboratories measure bypass protein levels in products like AminoMax Pro. Because of its very fine particle size, AminoMax Pro cannot be tested for rumen undegradable protein (RUP) using conventional methods, according to Berghorn.

"We've been providing Cornell with AminoMax samples, both to improve our own product, and to help the industry catch up with today's more advanced manufacturing capabilities," said Berghorn.

Berghorn said distribution of AminoMax Pro is currently limited to the Northeast U.S., but increased volume may allow the product to be available to dairy operations in other markets, including Canada.

Berghorn anticipates another expansion in the future. "We just can't seem to make enough of it," he said.

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