Animal Health International today announces the launch of Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion, both innovations in udder health. Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion are offered to help maintain udder health in dairy cattle* and are available under the company's Aspen Veterinary Resources ® brand.

Udder Calm™ is a unique formulation which combines Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera, lanolin and natural oils to promote comfort and udder health in dairy cattle, moisturizing and protecting skin in harsh weather conditions while soothing the udder. Udder Calm's™ natural oils penetrate the skin easily and stimulate blood flow to the udder. These natural oils include Peppermint Oil (to improve circulation and reduce udder swelling and pain) Clove Oil (provides warmth) and Tea Tree Oil (promotes natural healing).*

"Both Udder Calm™ Spray and Udder Calm™ Lotion were formulated with certain principles in mind." says Pierre Frumholtz, Senior Director of House Brands with Animal Health International. "We wanted to provide an udder care solution that was easy to apply, effective for dairy cows under stressed conditions, and a great value for the dairyman or dairywoman. We've achieved all of those targets with Udder Calm™."*

Udder Calm™ Spray is available in a blue-tinted spray in 16oz and 128oz bottles, and Udder Calm™ Lotion is available is available in blue or white in 10.1oz bottles.
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult your veterinarian for any diagnosis. As individual animals vary, so might results.

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