Accelerated Genetics announces the release of 014AY0028 Scapeland Poker Sawyer to its Ayrshire line-up. Sawyer displays an appealing package of high type and quality production traits.

Huntzicker Sawyer Thunder

Huntzicker Sawyer Thunder, David Huntzicker, Cashton, WI.

Sawyer records +0.30 PTAT and +501 milk. In addition, he adds a solid Productive Life of +1.5. Sawyer's pedigree combines the high type and high butterfat of his sire with the high production and long productive lives of his cow family. His sire is Poker, the high LPI Pardner son from Canada. Sawyer's dam is an Excellent-90 Stardom daughter that produced over 130,000M lifetime with five very good lactations. Her best 305d lactation is 27460M 3.3% 907F 2.9% 783P. The maternal grand dam is sired by Battle and produced a lactation best of 18570M 3.6% 670F 2.7% 506P. Also, Sawyer offers a high PL and low SCS. Unfortunately, he is a carrier of the AH01 Haplotype.

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