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Midwest Dairy Association begins its annual round of District Meetings this week in Minnesota, updating dairy producers on their $.15 per hundredweight dairy checkoff investment. Most of the meetings also include the business of county American Dairy Association (ADA) units, which operate and receive funding through Midwest Dairy Association.

At each meeting, a district board representative and a staff member will be on hand to provide reports and answer questions. Their presentation will focus on the association's three priorities – growing dairy sales, defending dairy's place in the diet and inspiring consumer confidence in dairy.

The presentation will highlight partnerships such as one with McDonald's that has resulted in the introduction of 27 new menu items with dairy in an 18-month period. Presenters will also discuss how dairy research has attracted more than $75 million in outside funding, and how Midwest Dairy has recently promoted the expansion of school breakfast to help bolster student achievement.

Current dairy producers are invited to attend the meeting nearest them by making reservations on the Minnesota page of midwestdairycheckoff.com, or by calling 1-800-642-3895 or emailing kpottinger@midwestdairy.com.

The meeting schedule follows:

Schedule 1

Schedule 2

For a PDF of the schedule please click here.

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