March 3 2014 06:12 AM

California Dairies Inc.California Dairies, Inc. (CDI), the largest dairy processing cooperative in California, has announced it will increase its processing capacity with the addition of a third evaporator at its Visalia plant. Committed to becoming the leading source of dairy nutrition for a healthy world, the project will align CDI's assets and capabilities to produce the value-added milk powders the world market demands.

"Management continues to look for new ways to add value to its member-owners' milk through the expansion and improvement of its assets and product offerings," said Andrei Mikhalevsky, CEO. "The addition of a new evaporator combines increased capacity and improved capabilities to offer CDI the flexibility to adjust product portfolios as market demands shift, which will grow market share and maximize member-owner profits."

The largest capital project undertaken since the Visalia plant was built in 2007, the new evaporator will increase CDI's ability to meet tight export specifications on value-added milk powders. This will allow CDI to focus on expanding relationships with its international customers and improving its presence in the global markets, both of which align with the company's strategic goal. The evaporator is expected to be online February 2016.
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