Virtus Cory Doggett has joined Virtus Nutrition as a field representative serving dairy producers and nutritionists in the Idaho and Utah dairy market region.

Doggett, who earned his Master's Degree from the University of Idaho in ruminant animal nutrition, will work with nutritionists and dairy producers as they seek to improve herd health and overall performance.

Cory Doggett He started calling on producers for Virtus in February and covers the two-state region, which is home to about 650,000 milk cows and more than 800 dairy producers. The USDA currently ranks Idaho No. 4 in U.S. milk production.

Prior to joining Virtus Nutrition, Doggett worked more than seven years as a ruminant nutrition consultant for several animal nutrition manufacturers. He also has experience as a dairy manager and herdsman for a 6,500-cow dairy in the Magic Valley where he was responsible for all programs related to dairy herd management with emphasis on herd health, reproduction, nutrition and milk quality.

"With Cory's combination of dairy nutrition knowledge and passion for helping dairy producers improve their bottom line, he is a tremendous addition to the Virtus Nutrition team," said Kevin Murphy, technical and western sales director for Virtus Nutrition.

Doggett and his wife, Aimee, reside in Kimberly, Idaho and have two children.
To contact Doggett, call 208-358-5176 or e-mail

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