La Crosse Seed To help the growing interest in education about cover crops, La Crosse Seed is developing tools that Ag retailers and farmers alike can utilize when making their cover crop decisions. "As Cover Crops gain momentum across the Midwest, we have recognized that the majority of individuals are looking for tools and information that can help them make decisions. So far, we have created a couple of these, such as a cover crop forage value chart and cost per acre calculator based on species planted. In the future, we look forward to releasing additional tools to help people feel confident when making their cover crop decisions." says Scott Wohltman, Cover Crop Lead for La Crosse Seed.

Currently available through the Soil First™ website,, the tools are listed below:

Tool Links:
Forage Values Chart – This chart will show you the nutritional values of each cover crop option.
Soil First Calculator – Calculate your cost per acre on your cover crop products.
Virtual Seed Library – Get an up close look at the seed size of your cover crop products.
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La Crosse Seed has been pairing an unmatched portfolio of high quality forage, turf, and cover crop seeds with knowledgeable and experienced sales and support staff since 1947. Currently, the organization has six locations and nineteen sales representatives across the Midwest. Please call the company's headquarters in La Crosse at (800) 328-1909 or check out to learn more about its products, services or find your Regional Sales Manager.
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