BCF logoCongratulations to the WCVM Production Animal Club from the University of Saskatchewan – they are the winners of the 2014 BCF University Competition. Their adventure back to their child hood days paid off as their Magic School Bus voyage into a cow's reproductive system has won them an Easi-Scan ultrasound system.

This team from the Great White North with (self-stated) "too much time on their hands" definitely got the Canadian veterinary and agriculture industry on their side over the past few weeks. Articles were released from local news sources and Devon Wilson, the clubs Public Relations Officer, gave at thankful reaction to the news of winning the competition:
"Thank you! That is so exciting; this has all been so much fun. We've had so much support up here from local news sources and we even did radio interviews."

7,144 votes came in for the favorites, but only one could win. Here is the final break down:
1. Saskatchewan – 2840 votes - Magic School Bus
2. Missouri – 1171 votes - Sexy and I know it parody
3. Illinois – 1125 votes - Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody
4. Cornell – 1019 votes - Call me Maybe parody
5. Madison – 989 votes - Saving Wisconsin's Dairyland

If you somehow missed any of these entertaining videos – view them all here. Remember these weren't our only entries - don't forget about the rest of the competitors. Check out videos from Ross University, NC State, Purdue, UC Davis, and VMRCVM here.

Thank you to all who participated in the competition or supported them along the way. These veterinary students have shown great passion for veterinary medicine and ultrasound education and we're proud to support them.

This competition is part of BCF's University Program. We want to expose veterinary students to the benefits of ultrasound by providing educational material and ultrasound training opportunities (and fun competitions) prior to graduating from veterinary school.

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