MFA The board of directors of the Midwest Forage Association is distributing more than $20,000 in Midwest Forage Research Program funding to research projects received in response to its request for proposals (RFP). Now in its eighth year, the MFRP has funded more than $115,000 in forage-related research projects since its inception.

Begun in 2007 in response to a member survey which revealed that forage-related research was the #1 priority among members, the MFRP continues to address issues deemed by its members as research priorities. In January, MFA distributed its request for proposals to forage agronomists and extension personnel at the land grant universities in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The RFP called for the submission of one-year, forage related research proposals which specifically addressed one or more of MFA's research priorities. Projects were funded based upon a number of factors including industry need, cost effectiveness, and partnership.

The board of directors distributed funding to the following six proposals:

On Farm Evaluation of Annual Forage Crops for Cover Crop Forage
Jim Paulson, University of Minnesota

Seeding Rates and Plant and Stem Density as Tools to Estimate Forage Yield in Glyphosate Tolerant Alfalfa
Marisol Berti, North Dakota State University

Assessment of Corn Silage Kernal Processing Score via Digital Image Processing Techniques
Brian Luck, University of Wisconsin

Strategies to Reduce Damage from Aphanomyces Root Rot on Alfalfa
Deb Samac, USDA-ARS

Wisconsin Alfalfa Yield and Persistence Project
Mike Rankin, University of Wisconsin

Optimizing Establishment Success and Persistence of Alfalfa When Seeded with Corn Silage
Mark Renz, University of Wisconsin

Congratulations go to these researchers for their awards and participation.

The MFRP is critical in maintaining an infrastructure intended to address the priority research needs of MFA's forage producers. It is hoped that with continued focus on the benefits and results of these projects both funding and participation in the program will continue to grow.

For full reports of previous MFRP projects, visit the "Members Only" research tab on the MFA website at
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