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Though the 2014 National Holstein Convention has just been completed, the process of electing delegates for the 2015 Annual Meeting is already underway.

Important Deadlines

June 23 - Nominating petitions mailed to members
July 28 - Nominating petitions must be received by Holstein Association USA
August 8 - Deadline for nominees to withdraw names from the ballot
August 18 - Ballots mailed to members
October 10 - Ballots must be received by Holstein Association USA
November 3 - 2015 delegate election finalized

Members Ineligible to Serve in 2015

In accordance with Holstein Association USA bylaws, the following members will be ineligible to serve in 2015, having served three consecutive years as elected delegates:
Timothy Baker, Michigan
Michael T. Sheehan, Minnesota
Brian W. Coyne, New York
Patricia G. Gifford, New York
Jeffrey L. King, New York
Steve L. Moff, Ohio
Reid K. Hoover, Pennsylvania
Jay H. Houser, Pennsylvania
Ray E. McMillen, Pennsylvania
Dwight C. Stoltzfus, Pennsylvania
Steve E. Waggoner, South Carolina
Marion K. Seifert, Vermont
Daniel A. Berry, Washington
Daniel L. Cnossen, Wisconsin

For more information, contact Rachel Pomeroy at 800.952.5200, ext. 4165 or via e-mail at rpomeroy@holstein.com.
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