I placed this quality class of Jersey cows D B C A. D places over B in a close placing. I give D the advantage in being deeper through her chest floor and prefer the length and snugness of her fore udder attachment over B. Furthermore, D stands more squarely on her rear legs and appears to be cleaner through her hock. I however do grant that B is cleaner and more angular through her front end and more feminine through her head and neck.

In the placing of B over C, B shows more dairyness and angularity throughout. B also shows more bloom to her mammary system. In addition, she shows more levelness of her udder floor and a more desirable teat size and placement. I also prefer the width of rump on B over C. I grant that C has a snugger fore udder.

In the final placing, C over A as she excels in overall style and balance. C also shows more breed character through her head and front end. In addition, C has the advantage in her mammary system. C is higher in her rear udder attachment and shows more quality and texture to her udder to put her over A. I concede that A has a more desirable teat size and shape than C.

Nathan ThomasNathan Thomas
North Lewisburg, Ohio.
Thomas placed the JERSEYS. He owns and operates Triple-J Holsteins and Jerseys with his wife, Jenny. Triple-J Holsteins has garnered over 75 All-American and All-Canadian nominations in the past decade, and many high scoring individuals have called the farm home. Most notable are Starmark Ad Hotstuff-Red, EX-94; T-Triple-T Gold Prize, EX-94; Ms Exels Dundee Beauty, EX-95 3E; Extreme Electra, EX-95; and T-Triple-T Dundee Paige EX-96 3E. Thomas judged last year's Jersey show at World Dairy Expo and will judge the Holsteins this year in Madison and the Jerseys at the upcoming Royal Winter Fair.

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