Brown-Star Tuff Chinchi

1HO11636 CHINCHI is a hot new grad at +979 ICC$ and +2643 TPI.

With the December sire summary, Genex Cooperative, Inc. graduated 16 new sires from 13 different sires and 13 different maternal grandsires. Diversity and commercial profitability abound in this group.

Featured here are the top new releases according to the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index.

1HO11636 CHINCHI, a hot new release, leads the new graduates at +979 ICC$. This early Tuffenuff son has big-time production at nearly a ton of Milk! He is a TPI® leader at +2643 and will sire moderate-framed cows with beautiful, well-attached udders and ideal teat placement. CHINCHI's combination of moderate size and production and udder traits also earn him top 10 rankings for two ICC$ sub-indexes: Production Efficiency (PREF$) and Milking Ability (MABL$).

1HO12565 TRIP, a maternal brother to 1HO11056 TROY and the lineup's first 1HO11048 STOIC son is a health trait, production and type specialist. He is in the top five for ICC$ at +959 and boasts a +9.0 Productive Life (PL), +2.9 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +2.65 Somatic Cell Score (SCS). TRIP follows in his sire's footsteps with a +1.50 PTAT, +1.61 Udder Composite (UDC) and +1.07 Foot & Leg Composite (FLC).

1HO11632 DARTEZ (Defender x Galaxy) is a no-holes sire at +949 ICC$, +1224 Milk, +53 Fat and +46 Protein. His combination of moderate frame traits and excellent udder attachments, along with components make him very attractive. This unique-pedigreed bull should be an easy choice for heifer pens at 6.5% Sire Calving Ease (SCE). He also sports the desired mobility and leg placement, optimal teat size and shape, and improved milking speed for ideal performance in a robotic milking system.

1HO12546 TESTAROSSA leads the industry at +6.5 DPR and +7.6 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and will sire daughters that breed back year after year. Those fertility levels also put him No.1 for ICC$'s Fertility and Fitness (FYFT$) sub-index. Making him a true health traits specialist, he's also +8.3 PL, +2.66 SCS and 110 Body Condition Score (BCS). TESTAROSSA is a Jabir son from a 1HO10458 DAY daughter of the GENESIS cow, Tasket.

Two TROY sons debuted in 1HO12658 LEDOUX and 1HO12570 TROJAN. Both of these early sires of sons are ICC$, TPI and health trait leaders. LEDOUX, at +934 ICC$, is also +7.1 PL, +3.8 DPR and +2.75 SCS. He fits the demands of the Genex Robot Compatibility index too. TROJAN is another high production (+1884 Milk) Tasket son with +75 Fat and +55 Protein. He sires daughters that should last (+8.1 PL).

From the same family as the now daughter-proven 1HO10788 JACEY comes 1HO11639 JAB. At +903 ICC$, this Yates x Freddie son is high health traits bulls with a solid type proof. With his +2.62 SCS, +8.3 PL and 109 BCS, JAB nabs the lineup's No. 4 spot for the Health (HLTH$) sub-index. His excellent milking speed and temperament, mastitis resistance and udder traits also put him at No. 6 for MABL$.

1HO11638 LAST CALL (Windsor x Robust) is a high DPR sire (+4.4) at +875 ICC$ and over a point on UDC and FLC. This new calving ease bull (6.2% SCE) should also improve components (+0.05% Protein, +0.08% Fat) and produce long-lived cows (+6.8 PL).

A Stoic x Mogul, 1HO11644 WYATT transmits strong fore and rear udder attachments and will keep the pipeline full at +1779 Milk. WYATT is +115 for combined Fat and Protein and +873 ICC$. Additionally, his +7.3 PL and 6.8% SCE make a great fit for heifer breeding programs.

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