Sept. 12 2016 11:17 AM
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October 10, 2016
“Feed supply outlook”
presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois; Mike Rankin, Hay & Forage Grower
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Mike Hutjens

It will be a fast-paced program featuring 2016 forage yields, prices, forage quality measurements, and strategies. Mike Rankin, managing editor of Hay & Forage Grower magazine, will provide an agronomist’s view of the forage outlook while Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois, will comment on feeding values and strategies as future milk prices shift.
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The Hoard's Dairyman webinar series is brought to you by Hoard's Dairyman and Mike Hutjens of the University of Illinois. They are held the second Monday of each month, and broadcasted from noon until 1:00 p.m. central time. Once registered, you can join the webinar up to 15 minutes ahead of the start time. This will allow you time to check for sound levels and screen dynamics.

Hosted by the energetic Mike Hutjens of the University of Illinois, each one-hour webinar will include nationally known and carefully selected presenters who will discuss the most timely and relevant topics and challenges faced by dairy producers today. Topics will cover input costs, finance, nutrition, milk quality, herd management, and milk marketing and dairy policy plans. All of the webinar topic areas are not finalized; this will allow for the addition of time-sensitive topics to be added. Your suggestions on topics are certainly welcome.

The webinars are designed to be interactive. If you have questions during the presentation, they can be typed directly to the presenter, and everyone can learn from the response and discussion. Polls can be conducted during the webinar to give the presenter a sound understanding of his or her audience demographics.

Our webinars are now approved for continuing education units (CEU) from the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. Each hour-long webinar will earn one CEU.

There is no cost to register or view the webinars. Once registered, you will receive e-mail reminders of the webinar date and time. If unable to attend a webinar, they will be recorded and can be accessed later.

Thank you for your interest in Hoard's Dairyman Webinar Series; and we look forward to you joining us on the second Monday of each month - just one hour. And you won't even have to leave the office.

Click here to register for the monthly Hoard's Dairyman webinars.

American Agricultural Editors Association

2015 Awards:

1st Place, AAEA webinar: "Finding the next five pounds of milk"
presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois
2nd Place, AAEA webinar:
"Winter strategies to enhance teat health and milk quality"

presented by Leo Timms, Iowa State University
3rd Place, AAEA webinar: "Help your dry cows avoid heat stress"
presented by Geoff Dahl, University of Florida

2014 Awards:

2nd Place, AAEA webinar: "No more lame excuses"
3rd Place, AAEA webinar: "Cows and their calcium"

2013 Awards:

1st Place, AAEA webinar: "New corn silage utilization for dairy rations"
2nd Place, AAEA webinar: "Five keys for reproductive success"
3rd Place, AAEA webinar: "Consistent, efficient TMR feeding"

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June 13: Barn design for robotic milking
presented by Jack Rodenburg, DairyLogix
Brought to you by: Lely

May 9: Strategies for nonpregnancy diagnosis in dairy cows
presented by Paul Fricke, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brought to you by: Parnell

April 11: Target rations for your milking groups
presented by Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University
Brought to you by: Kuhn North America

March 14: The latest on beating the heat
presented by Mike Brouk, Kansas State University
Brought to you by: Dairy Nutrition Plus

February 8: Getting the most bang for your vaccination dollar
presented by Amelia Woolums, D.V.M., Mississippi State University
Brought to you by: Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (DCHA)

January 11: An update on feed additives: Probiotics, yeast and niacin
presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois
Brought to you by: Lallemand Animal Nutrition (

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