Companies Collaborate to Supply, Optimize and Service Centrisys' DT Series Decanter Centrifuges – Helping Western Dairymen Improve Profitability and More Effectively Attain Environmental Goals

CentrisysCentrisys Corporation, a global leader in decanter centrifuge and related technologies, today announced its partnership with dairy services and equipment firm Dairy Specialists to supply, optimize and service Centrisys' DT Series Decanter Centrifuges throughout the Western United States – in turn – helping dairymen boost profitability and more effectively attain their environmental goals.

Centrisys and Dairy Specialists work closely with each western dairy operation to develop an effective plan for implementing the DT Series Decanter Centrifuge based on the farm's unique characteristics and specific goals. The team then incorporates the technology into existing processes and optimizes it for maximum results. Also provided is a wide range of services, from training involved in startup to routine maintenance.

Decanter centrifuges are an alternative to conventional manure solids separation equipment, such as screens, roll presses and screw presses. The DT Series Decanter Centrifuges are the first decanter centrifuges specifically designed for use in demanding dairy operations. Compared with conventional equipment, the technology gives dairymen the ability to capture more total solids without the addition of coagulants and polymers; remove higher levels of phosphorous from liquid manure; and contribute more to the bottom line.

"The world of manure management is rapidly evolving and dairymen can come out ahead with decanter centrifuges, but it dictates the need to work closely with each operation to capitalize on the advantages of the technology," said Centrisys Corporation President and Founder Michael Kopper. "By partnering with Dairy Specialists, we offer a level of technological expertise and dairy experience that is unmatched in the industry, which puts dairymen in the driver's seat."

Said Dairy Specialists President Randy Sorenson, "We've worked with the largest dairy operations in the United States for over 40 years and our partnership with Centrisys is another example of how we collaborate with true technological leaders to help dairymen choose the best equipment option and get the most out of it for years on end. The combination of Centrisys and Dairy Specialists is a clear win for the dairymen we service."

About Centrisys Corporation
Centrisys Corporation is a global innovator of decanter centrifuges, dewatering systems and other technologies for dewatering in dairy operations, as well as municipal and industrial applications. Since its founding in 1987 as an equipment service provider, the company has evolved into an award-winning technical leader, producing breakthroughs that continue to improve efficiency, safety and performance. Centrisys is continually recognized across the industry for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, including by Frost & Sullivan. Based in Kenosha, Wis., Centrisys is the only U.S. manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for municipal water and wastewater applications. For more information, visit

About Dairy Specialists
Based in Evans, Colo., and founded in 1970, Dairy Specialists offers a turnkey approach that incorporates a broad range of products and services that help dairymen and livestock businesses raise healthy investments. Services include the design of new operations, as well as remodeling of dairy parlors and facilities, in addition to superior product installation and ongoing support. Dairy Specialists' offers unparalleled expertise in cow comfort and hygiene; sanitation and udder health; milk cooling and storage; ventilation and waste management.
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