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Accelerated Genetics is truly focused on assisting customers in selecting genetics for a healthier and more profitable herd. With the release of the April 2016 Dairy Sire Summary, Accelerated Genetics' lineup of sires lead the industry with the Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$™) and is home to 8 of the top sires in the industry over 1,000 for DWP$.

DWP$ combines production, fertility, type and longevity traits, as well as the new wellness traits, to provide opportunity to make more profitable animal rankings and decisions. The Top DWP$ sires at Accelerated Genetics that are over 1,000 include:

014H007746 SANDOVAL +1058 DWP$
014H007387 ZYKE +1056 DWP$
014H007653 DIMENSION +1047 DWP$
014H007736 DEIFY +1038 DWP$
014H007700 GLAUS +1030 DWP$
014HO07426 EQUINOX +1026 DWP$
014HO07507 SHETRON +1020 DWP$
014H007780 ACCELFORCE +1010 DWP$

"The new Dairy Wellness Profit index adds an additional ranking in the industry that covers the complete package of traits important to producers worldwide that are interested in breeding profitable, healthy cows," says Michael Schmitt, Genetic Information Analyst at Accelerated Genetics.

The individual Wellness Traits provide direct indication of the genetic risk factors for six of the most common and costly animal health challenges on dairies: Mastitis, Lameness, Metritis, Retained Placenta, Displaced Abomasum, and Ketosis. These traits are backed with over 10 million lactation records recorded by Zoetis.

Holstein sires that rank well for DWP$ will be designated with a Wellness icon on all Accelerated Genetics' sales materials and website ( ). With customer's needs in mind, Accelerated Genetics strives to be the producer's trusted first choice.

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