Call It Breakfast' won the second annual public voting contest for the Flavor of the Fair.

Call It Breakfast ? made with Minnesota dairy farmers' secret, State Fair-recipe vanilla ice cream or malt, topped with sprinkles, chocolate and latte-flavored syrup, and chunks of bakery-fresh doughnuts ? will join the traditional ice cream flavors at the Dairy Goodness Bar at the Minnesota State Fair this year.

The flavor, picked through a public poll in May, outdistanced That's My Jam!, made with oyster crackers and sweet pepper jam, and Scotch Hopper Crunch, featuring chocolate sauce, butterscotch chips and shoestring potatoes, to earn its spot on the menu. The new item appears among seven new frozen treats being introduced at the fair and featured on its new foods list released to the public June 21, 2016.

"We're excited to shake things up a bit again this year," said Jodi Jetson, Midwest Dairy's Minnesota State Fair project manager. "In addition to continuing to serve favorites like chocolate, vanilla, apple-caramel, rhubarb-strawberry and more, we love to introduce other flavors that also get fair-goers excited about what dairy farmers have to offer." During late May, the public chose from the three flavors by visiting

Like its predecessor, Salted Caramel Puff, Call It Breakfast will be served at the Dairy Goodness Bar for only one year. Fair-goers are encouraged to suggest new tastes for next year's poll, in which the winning flavor will again be featured at the 2017 State Fair.

The Dairy Goodness Bar, located in the Dairy Building, is one of the State Fair's most popular concessions and is owned by the state's dairy farm families and operated by Midwest Dairy Association.

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