Conewango LogoConewango has introduced the Evolution® X1 Milking Liner to help dairy producers increase milking speed without increasing vacuum levels.

Evolution X1

"Evolution® X1 combines the best features of our gentle, low-vacuum Evolution X with high milking-speed design," said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. "It's also the ideal solution for dairy producers who want a higher-capacity, faster-milking version of our original, time-tested liner designs."

The new Evolution® X1 features:

  • An oval-bore design that shortens barrel wall movement from open to collapse.
  • A shallow vacuum chamber that allows for reduced vacuum levels at the mouthpiece for gentler milking.
  • A two-stage, controlled collapse for greater stability with virtually no slip.
  • The Evolution® patented short milk tube with compression ribs and hinge points for greater flexibility.
  • Built-in twist-resistance from top to bottom.
    For more information about the new Evolution® X1 Liner, call (800) 828-9258, or visit

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