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PDAState regulators and privately-employed farm inspectors from 22 states attended the FDA 385 Automatic Milking Installation Sanitation and Inspection Course hosted by the PA Department of Agriculture at its PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. PDA hosted the two-day training in part because Pennsylvania is within the top five states nationally in installations of automatic milkers, because PDA staff helped to develop FDA's robotic milker training manual, because of PDA's long and close working relationship with FDA, and because of the ability to host the hands-on training inside the department's spacious and climate-controlled PA Farm Show Complex. The course provided a unique opportunity to inspect four different dairy companies' automated milking systems side-by-side and learn about the unique tests and inspection areas that set the robotic units apart from a traditional milking system, all to ensure a continued safe milk supply.

PDA course

The event wouldn't have been possible without the partnership of FDA and the cooperation of Lely, DeLaval, AMS Galaxy, Bou-Matic, and GEA. This is the kind of work will help us to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of agriculture and continue to ensure the integrity and safety of our food supply.

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