For those who were unable to attend the Large Dairy Herd Management conference, hosted by the ADSA Foundation at the Hilton Oakbrook Hills Resort and Conference Center, Oak Brook, IL May 1-4, 2016, synchronized PowerPoint® presentations are now available for sale to all interested individuals. They provide an opportunity to get a preview of the upcoming e- book.

Ninety four presentations, each representing one chapter in the Large Dairy Herd Management, 3rd Edition, are grouped into the fifteen sections planned for the e-book. The e-book is scheduled for release in early 2017. They are:

  • Large Herd Systems - Steven P. Washburn, North Carolina State University
  • Building Sustainability and Capacity - Dave Beede, Michigan
  • State University
  • Facilities and Environment - Joseph M. Zulovich, University of
  • Missouri & Joseph P. Harner, Kansas State University
  • Milk Markets and Marketing - Normand R. St-Pierre, The Ohio State University
  • Genetic Selection Programs and Breeding Strategies - Kent A. Weigel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Calves and Replacements - Robert E. James, Virginia Tech
  • Reproduction and Reproductive Management - William W. Thatcher, University of Florida
  • Nutrition and Nutritional Management - Richard J. Grant & Heather M. Dann, William H. Miner Agricultural Research - Institute
  • Lactation and Milking Systems - Rupert M. Bruckmaier, - University of Bern
  • Mastitis and Milk Quality - Joseph S. Hogan, The Ohio State - University/OARDC
  • Animal and Herd Welfare - Trevor DeVries, University of - Guelph
  • Herd Health - Carlos A. Risco, University of Florida
  • Business, Economic Analysis, Decision-Making - Albert De Vries, University of Florida
  • Effectively Managing Farm Employees - Stanley J. Moore & Phillip T. Durst, Michigan State University
  • Precision Management Technologies - Jeffrey M. Bewley, University of Kentucky
  • The Future - David K. Beede, Michigan State University

The presentations provide an overview of the content planned for each chapter. The entire set, or one or more sections, can be viewed without limitation for one year, from date of subscription.

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