Holstein AssociationHolstein Association USA is proud to recognize several youth every year for their accomplishments in breeding and developing outstanding Registered Holstein cows. Two new awards have been created in 2016 to recognize even more Juniors and their cows. Additionally, all awards have been moved from an application process to automatic screen for all eligible animals.

"Changes were made to the Junior Production & Breeder Awards in an effort to recognize more Holstein youth, for owning and breeding exceptional Registered Holsteins," said Holstein Association USA Program Specialist Kelli Dunkliee. "The biggest change is that youth no longer have to submit entries, as they are now automatically calculated each year."

National Junior Star Performer Award
The National Star Performer award is new this year, and recognizes youth who have homebred cows with exceptional milk production and classification scores. To be eligible for recognition, cows must be bred and owned by a Holstein Association USA Junior member, classified at least Very-Good 85, and have a 305-day (or less) production record of at least 25,000 pounds completed within the last calendar year. Once the eligible cows are determined, they have a score calculated based on their age-adjusted classification score and Mature Equivalent milk production, and they are ranked based on that value. Ten cows will be recognized with this honor annually, with the highest ranking cow being designated as the National Junior Star Performer.

The 2015 National Junior Star Performer is SIEMERS BRDNK AVAS-CHARM-ET owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman of Wisconsin. The cow is classified Very Good-85 at 2-07, and calving in a 1-10, has a 305-day production record of 34,260 pounds of milk, with 1,297 pounds of fat and 985 pounds of protein.

2nd place: SRD-IL WING BLYE, owned by Carson Kasbergen, Ill.
3rd place: SIEMERS OSMOND SHE-RAY-ET, owned by Jordan & Connor Siemers, Wis.
4th place: SIEMERS BRDNK AVAS-ELITE-ET, owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.
5th place: SIEMERS BRADNCK ASTONISHING, owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.
6th place: SIEMERS AFTRSHK ADVANTAGE-ET, owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.
7th place: CURLYDELL SANCHEZ BRIE, owned by Callie Curley, Pa.
8th place: SIEMERS BRADNCK AVAS-JOY-ET, owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.
9th place: BERRYRIDGE DVINE INTRVNTION, owned by Elizabeth & Zachary Endres, Wis.
10th place: SIEMERS BRDNK AVAS-GIFT-ET, owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.

National Cream of the Crop Award
Another new award in 2016, the National Cream of the Crop award recognizes cows owned by Holstein youth with exceptional milk production. All Junior-owned cows who produced at least 30,000 pounds of milk in a single 305-day of less lactation, completed in the previous calendar year are eligible for this recognition. All eligible cows are ranked based on their combined pounds of fat and protein produced in the lactation, and the top 75 cows are recognized annually. The 2015 top 10 cows for combined fat and protein:

1st place in the 2015 Cream of the Crop recognition group based on combined pounds of fat and protein is MT-GLEN DUNDEE LOVELY, owned by Katie Jackson of Pennsylvania. Lovely is classified Excellent-94 points, and calving in at 6-00, had a 305-day production record of 37,110 pounds of milk, with 2,171 pounds of fat and 1,199 pounds of protein.

2nd place: SIEMERS GWYN GLAM-DREAM-ET, owned by Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Wis.
3rd place: JOLIAM ASPEN MJ 3540-ET, owned by Jessica & Nicole Pralle, Wis.
4th place: WHITELEATHER GLDWYN 1492-ET, owned by Autumn Whiteleather, Ohio
5th place: OCEAN-VIEW GOLD ROXETTE-ET, owned by Jenavieve Kisst, Calif.
6th place: UFM-DUBS SIEMER SHEROCKS-ET, owned by Jordan & Connor Siemers, Wis.
7th place: NOR-BERT SHOTTLE KIA, owned by Dalton, Dillon & Breanne Freeman, Ind.
8th place: PARADISE-R ANNAS DAISY, owned by Anna Ramsey, Ohio
9th place: KIMEBERT SHOTTLE DAFNEY, owned by Richard Ball, Idaho
10th place: JOLIAM ASPEN 3332-ET, owned by Jessica & Nicole Pralle, Wis.

Other recognitions Holstein Association USA Junior members can achieve include the National Junior Breeder of an Excellent Cow award, National Junior Breeder of a Multiple E Excellent Cow award, National Junior 150,000 Pound Lifetime Production award, and the National Junior 200,000 Pound Lifetime Production award.

Find complete lists of all Junior award honorees at www.holsteinusa.com/juniors, under Junior Awards in the main menu. With questions or for more information, contact Holstein Association USA programs specialist Kelli Dunklee at kdunklee@holstein.com, or 800.952.5200, ext. 4124.

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