Dairy QualityDairy Quality is pleased to announce the introduction of a fast, reliable and cost-effective cow SCC Impact Report.

Dairy farmers know that high somatic cell counts (SCC) in one or more cows can have a significant negative economic impact. For that reason, identification of the cows with the highest SCC is a major factor in successful milk production operations. The new Impact Report from Dairy Quality Inc. now provides another tool to help identify those cows and allow dairy farmers to make quick decisions about their bulk tank.

Dairy Quality Inc. is the creator of the revolutionary milk sample testing device, the RT10, which was developed to give dairy farmers instant access to herd and cow health data. The RT10 uses an iPhone or iPod, a specialized microscope accessory and the Dairy SCC app to analyze the somatic cell count in milk.

"Milk sampling is a key part of Dairy Quality's RT10 device and Dairy SCC app, so adding the Impact Report was the natural evolution of taking that data and creating something that dairy farmers could use to optimize their bulk tank on the spot. It puts the power to make quick decisions about pulling cows-based on accurate SCC results-right in the palm of your hand," says Gary Jonas, President of Dairy Quality Inc. He adds, "Plus, you don't need to waste time waiting for lab results or request a special report. You can run the SCC Impact Report whenever you need it. It saves you time and money."

All individual test results are instantly updated and stored in the app, and dairy farmers can manually record the cow's production in pounds or kilograms to get the most accurate bulk tank impact reading possible. With the Impact Report, they can compile the data from only their highest cows or their entire herd depending on the information they need, and the report uses the individual data to determine which cows have the most impact on bulk tank somatic cell count averages.

"We continue to look for ways to help dairy farmers use technology to make quicker herd management decisions on the farm. Our SCC Impact Report function will be available to all our current users at no charge when they upgrade to version 5.1 of the Dairy SCC App. It also will become a standard feature for RT10 Platinum or RT10 Complete devices," says Chris Gans, Director of Sales and Marketing at Dairy Quality Inc.

In addition to being submitted for validation studies by the University of Guelph, the Dairy Quality RT10 SCC testing device is also being tested at the University of Kentucky. Results of both studies will be available in late 2016.

The Impact Report will be released in the Dairy SCC Update 5.1, which will be available on July 18, 2016. For more information, visit www.dairyquality.com or call 1-855-232-4797.

About Dairy Quality Inc.
Founded in 2012, Dairy Quality Inc. is the global leader in mobile microscopy and optics providing conventional and organic dairy farmers with innovative mobile-based technologies that encompass rapid somatic cell count (SCC) testing protocols for all types of milk. The patent-pending technology allows dairy farmers to accurately and instantly test the SCC health of individual cows and the milk in their bulk tanks. www.dairyquality.com

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