AnimartANIMART, LLC is pleased to announce the recent addition of Mitch Fabus to their Michigan Sales team, located in Vermontville. The dairy and livestock division of ANIMART provides animal health products, supplies and solutions to producers.


As a Territory Manager, Fabus will work to build and maintain relationships with customers in Michigan, helping them to succeed, while providing access to ANIMART's wide array of products and veterinary services.

Fabus grew up with the benefit of not one, but two family farms: his father's small dairy and his stepfamily's large cash crop operation, which also consisted of a retail outlet. That experience is what taught Mitch the importance of customer service from an early age. He attended college at Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Crop and Soil Sciences, with a specialization in Agri-business. He also took on additional dairy focused classes, eventually attending the two year Dairy Tech program in order to gain as much insight and education into the dairy industry as possible. After college, Fabus worked in various Ag roles; on the family farm, he spent some time as a backgrounder and eventfully took advantage of an opportunity to work as the manager of the Muck Soils Research Farm at MSU.

These days, in addition to his new role at ANIMART, he raises cash crops and alfalfa. "What led me to ANIMART was my passion for agriculture and the dairy industry," said Mitch, "I've always had the utmost respect for dairy farmers and all they go through in a day. I'm excited to work with so many different farms, to not only help them solve issues, but bring them new products and solutions that may make their jobs easier."

"ANIMART strives to bring the best products, solutions and service to producers," said Dan Ellsworth, President & CEO of ANIMART, "That's why we're fortunate to have Mitch join the team. His passion for agriculture and unique experience will make him a valuable asset to us and to our customers in Michigan."

Established in 1982 and headquartered in Beaver Dam, Wis., ANIMART, LLC is a provider of animal health products, supplies and services for dairy and livestock producers worldwide. ANIMART is committed to offering a full-line of products supported by outstanding service. More information about the company and its products can be accessed at

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