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FilamentFilament Marketing, located in the heart of Madison, Wis. is excited to offer a marketing and communications internship experience for the summer 2017.

"If you're passionate about marketing and communications and have experience in agriculture, then an internship at Filament Marketing might just be for you," says Kristi Olson, marketing executive with Filament Marketing. "Our internship provides hands-on, real world learning experiences from some of the industry's best."

Qualified applicants should be college juniors or seniors studying agricultural journalism, agricultural marketing/business, animal science, communications or a related field.

This well-rounded internship will offer students the opportunity to build their agri-marketing portfolios. Filament Marketing interns will:

  • Be involved with a variety of exciting advertising, public relations, media and marketing projects for our clients.
  • Network with industry experts and influencers.
  • Work in an exciting environment with a fun team that is enthusiastic about the future of agriculture.
  • Gain knowledge of marketing materials development, production and printing processes.

"Internships are opportunities for students to prepare for their future careers, and Filament Marketing is proud to offer such experiences," says Olson. "Our internship program gives students the chance to use what they have learned in the classroom and implement it in the agriculture industry."

A full description of the internship position along with application details can be found here: Interested individuals should apply by Friday, September 16, 2016.

Founded in 2004, Filament Marketing is a strategic marketing and management firm focused on the advancement and success of its clients. Strongly and specifically involved in dairy, livestock and general agricultural industry markets, Filament Marketing works closely with clients seeking innovative marketing ideas and insight. Filament Marketing's expertise is built on continued, hands-on involvement in the agriculture markets it serves and its dedication to strong client relationships.

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