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AcceleratedAccelerated Genetics is excited to announce the release of full brothers 014HO07794 Welcome Silver GURU 2953-ET and 014HO07796 Welcome Silver GRIFF-ET. These two Silver sons are extreme for Fat, excel in milk, Net Merit Dollars, Cheese Merit Dollars, and are solid sires in health and wellness traits.

GURU comes in with +100 PTA Fat, +0.16% Fat, +1458 PTA Milk, +862 NM$, +888 CM$, and +955 DWP$. GRIFF is +117 PTA Fat, +0.23% Fat, +1421 PTA Milk, +860 NM$, +892 CM$, and +963 DWP$. In addition, these sires are Accelerated Genetics' highest available sires for NM$ and CM$.

GURU and GRIFF's dam is Welcome Supersire Gales-ET VG-85 DOM. She had a solid first lactation record over 28,190 pounds of milk with 1268 pounds of fat and 905 protein. The next dam is Vision-Gen Manoman Gildie VG-87 DOM with her best record of 36,650 pounds of milk, 1607 pounds of fat and 1146 protein. The third dam is Vision-Gen Mac Gild-TW VG-87. She produced 34,420 pounds of milk, 1437 pounds of fat and 1031 pounds of protein.

"GURU and GRIFF pack a powerful punch into your bulk tank with their extreme components and are sure to add money to your bottom line," says Ryan Weigel, Vice President Dairy Sire Procurement at Accelerated Genetics.

Look to these full brothers for FULL FAT and allow GURU and GRIFF to impact your herd by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, calling 1-800-451-9275, emailing or going to

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