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At the upcoming 2016 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Annual Conference, the $5,000 Dr. Bruce Wren CE award will be given to a beef and a dairy practitioner

AgrilabsAgriLabs will present the two recipients of the AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Awards $5,000 each at the 2016 American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Annual conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sept. 15-17.

These annual awards honor Bruce Wren, DVM, PhD, a long-time AgriLabs technical services veterinarian, in recognition of his lifelong commitment to practical and formal continuing education for veterinarians. A $5,000 continuing education grant is given to one dairy veterinarian and one beef veterinarian who are involved in a veterinary practice and have graduated veterinary school within the last 10 years. Each grant makes possible professional continuing education proposed by the applicant.

The 2016 recipients are Dr. J.D. Folsom, Rexburg, Idaho, (beef winner), and Dr. Jonathan Garber, Seymour, Wisconsin, (dairy winner).

"AgriLabs believes these awards will facilitate Dr. Wren's efforts to encourage veterinarians to identify and participate in professional development opportunities to better them as a professional and practitioner," remarked Steve Schram, AgriLabs President and Chief Executive Officer.

To better serve his clients, Dr. Folsom sees the need to become certified in embryo transfer. He will work to obtain his certification through the American Embryo Transfer Association (AETA), hold an internship with an AETA-certified veterinarian, and participate in the AABP beginning embryo transfer seminar. With his certification and hands-on experience with professionals in the field, he will reach his goal of serving his clients with over 45,000 beef cattle.

As a member of Valley Veterinary Clinic, SC, a 13-veterinarian practice that serves more than 115,000 dairy cattle in northeastern Wisconsin, Dr. Garber sees a need to further communicate with Hispanic farm employees. He plans to use his award to become fluent in Spanish through specific teaching materials and programs such as the Spanish Health Care Certificate program at Fox Valley Technical College, a Spanish immersion program in Guatemala, and a week-long International Dairy Certificate Program at The Ohio State University.

"It's an honor to assist both Dr. Folsom and Dr. Garber in their continued educational goals that will help them better serve their clients and the industry," said Schram.

Besides being a young practitioner, applicants must specifically outline the type of continuing education they are seeking, its approximate costs, and the benefits it will provide to the applicant, his/her practice and the practice's clients. An awards committee from AABP undertakes the selection process. For more information, visit

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