Sept. 16 2016 12:52 AM

Pyramid® 5 + Presponse® SQ's new packaging comes just in time for Herd Health Pays fall rebate.

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Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica The country's leading combination vaccine1,2 is getting a packaging facelift, complete with disease prevention details and more in-depth administration directions. The new PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ packaging will still be green and gold, but with the addition of easier-to-read instructions and more details on the front of the box to help create a better customer experience.

"PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ is the number one combination cattle vaccine sold in the United States,"1,2 said Matt Williams, brand manager for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI). "This new and updated packaging represents the quality product inside that is synonymous with performance. The updated elements range from outer carton design, vial labels and package inserts, all created to better reflect the vaccine's market leadership position as well as increase compliance for the end-user."

The new packaging also highlights MetaStim®, an adjuvant system that assists in optimizing the immune response in vaccinated cattle. PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ is part of the Herd Health Pays fall rebate program, which runs from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31. Producers can find PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ at their local veterinary clinics and dealer stores during this time.

PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ provides a single-dose solution to veterinarians and producers looking to protect growing cattle from respiratory pathogens that contribute to bovine respiratory disease complex. For more information on PYRAMID vaccines, ask your veterinarian or BIVI sales representative and visit

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