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The Problem: Dehydration from scours, diarrhea, or other digestive problems poses a significant threat to the health and future productivity of newborn calves, and greatly increases expenses to care for the animals. Current products cannot help calves retain fluids quickly enough to avoid severe dehydration - the ultimate goal in managing scours.

The Solution:
An Advanced New Product from Jaguar Animal Health that Inhibits* Fluid Loss at the Cellular Level

Neonorm Calf helps proactively retain fluid in calves - aiding the animals in avoiding debilitating, dangerous levels of dehydration. Calves that avoid severe dehydration before it occurs are better equipped to fight the infection that led to scours.>As a fluid retention agent, often used in conjunction with practices such as fluid replacement, Neonorm Calf provides dairies and beef farms across the country with immediate benefits and greater control over the scours management process.

Neonorm Calf is an enteric-coated bolus designed to be given orally to preweaned dairy and beef calves once every 12 hours, as needed, for up to 3 days.

Use Neonorm Calf at the First Sign of Diarrhea - Avoid the Slippery Slope of Dehydration
A study evaluating the effect of Jaguar Animal Health's Neonorm Calf on diarrhea in newborn calves was published in Journal of Dairy Science, the official, peer-reviewed journal of the American Dairy Science Association, in 2015. The study was conducted by researchers from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

The study results suggest that Neonorm Calf can significantly increase the fecal dry matter of neonatal calves with experimentally-induced enterotoxigenic E. coli diarrhea. Higher fecal dry matter is an indication of less water loss and lower dehydration risk.