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The AgSource Cooperative Services Board of Directors and the Eastern Wisconsin D.H.I.C. Board of Directors have agreed upon a joint venture for DHI laboratory services. The name of the new limited liability company will be Co-DairyLytics, LLC, with an inaugural date of January 1, 2017. Owners of Co-DairyLytics, LLC are AgSource Cooperative Services and Eastern Wisconsin D.H.I.C. However, this joint venture was designed to welcome any other DHI laboratories or affiliates that recognize the advantages this business structure offers. Additional participants would create even greater efficiencies throughout the DHI system.

Members of AgSource Cooperative Services’ and Eastern Wisconsin DHIC’s Boards of Directors endorse the formation of Co-DairyLytics, LLC. Representatives include (standing) David Koepke, Hartland, Wis. and Matt Gartman, Sheboygan, Wis. (seated) Annette Trescher, Cashton, Wis. and Dan Diederich, DePere, Wis.

AgSource Cooperative Services and Eastern Wisconsin D.H.I.C. have independently operated DHI milk analysis labs in their respective locations of Menomonie and Waldo, Wisconsin. This joint venture will join the areas of operations and administration of the laboratories and will assist in providing progressive DHI testing along with other diagnostic services to patrons and customers. Both laboratories will be equipped with identical diagnostic technologies to ensure consistency and quick turnaround of quality services. Consolidating these areas and equipping the sites equally will assure efficiency and business continuity. Milk samples will be analyzed at the closer location, minimizing transportation time and cost. If either site were to experience a business emergency, samples could easily be directed to the other site without interruption of service.

“This will be a seamless transition for our members,” notes Eastern Wisconsin D.H.I.C. Manager, Glenn Schmahl. “This joint venture addresses improved laboratory services. On-farm sample collection will still be provided by both organizations and AgSource will continue to create valuable management information from the resulting data.”

Directors of both organizations recognize that the current lab structure has successfully served their individual dairy farmer member/owners for many years. But they also know, as cooperative directors, they have a responsibility to look toward the future. When doing so, it becomes obvious there will be an increased demand for diagnostic capabilities. Providing that technology along with related research, products and services will demand capital to properly equip and operate the laboratories. This joint venture will allow the cooperatives to meet those capital needs through efficiencies not available within the current structure.

AgSource Chief Operating Officer Pat Baier states, “Our cooperatives share a desire to provide our members with the best, most innovative tools possible to assist with maintaining the health and productivity of their dairy herds. We look forward to ushering in the New Year and the decades to follow with continued focus on anticipating and serving the needs of our dairy farmer members and customers.”

For further information about services provided by AgSource and Eastern Wisconsin D.H.I.C. or to learn more about the diagnostic services offered by Co-DairyLytics, LLC, call Erin Berger at 715-526-7634 or email: