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Van Beek Natural Science is excited to announce the new formulation of CalviLyte electrolyte. CalviLyte supplies electrolytes and other key ingredients to support nutritional levels in calves. CalviLyte promotes overall health and maintains the adequate acid-balance and hydration. This formulation was designed to meet veterinarian recommended sodium, potassium, chlorine and Strong Ion Difference (SID) levels in oral electrolyte solution to be used in young calves.

CalviLyte contains direct-fed microbials to help maintain balance in the gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract and ensure its proper function. The direct fed microbials also assist with the production of organic acids such as lactic and acetic which may help keep the pH lower in the GI tract. It also contains maltodextrin which will serve as an easily digested energy source. The added energy encourages nutritional balance. Glycine helps with nutrient absorption. Egg product assist with maintaining the immune system and gut health.

The new formulation of CalviLyte will be available in the same sizes as current: 5 lb bucket, 20 lb pail and 60 lb drum. The feeding directions for this new formula has changed from the old. Please be sure to read the instructions on the label before feeding. This product is sold through all major livestock and dairy distributors. Please visit for more information.

Van Beek Natural Science is an innovative, quality-focused manufacturing and service company committed to bringing the highest quality natural products to the market. Van Beek has been marketing nutraceuticals for livestock use since 1984 with a history of experience in essential oil based products. Van Beek uses the best available ingredients from around the world when formulating products. This ensures that the benefits desired from the ingredients reach their full potential in the final product.