Jan. 10 2017 07:14 AM

Dairy Forage Profit 3.0 - Take Your Forage and Feeding Program to the Next Level!

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January 31 – State College, PA

February 1 – Waterloo, NY

February 2 – New Hartford, NY

Feed costs (including homegrown forages, grains, & purchased feeds) are the #1 input cost on dairy farms. High forage diets have been proven to be very profitable but can be difficult to achieve. Many times the ability of a farm to achieve a high forage diet is hindered by either inadequate supply or inconsistent quality. Two issues that can be impacted by both weather (mostly out of our control) and management (in our control). Overcoming these obstacles requires a multifaceted cohesive approach.

The focus of this seminar is to elevate the growing and feeding of forages beyond the parameters of tonnage, quality, and the basic high forage ration. Newly developed fiber digestibility tests can give you and your management team confidence in feeding newly developed forages that have potential to increase milk production, while reducing ration costs, increasing total forage yield and digestibility, and improving nutrient management on the farm.

This advanced forage seminar for all types of dairies and their advisors will feature both university and industry leaders, and include a case study of Bru-Mar Farms of Fort Plain, NY.