Feb. 8 2017 08:09 AM

Monthly Genomic Evaluation Update, February 2017

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Reports from today's release of the February CDCB genomic evaluations are being posted at Green Book Online.Reports now available in PDF format, with Excel files to be added as produced.

JX PREFIX: Database updated, Replacement certificates, National show and sale eligibility

Key Points:
  • JX prefix identifies animals with other-breed ancestors in 6-generation pedigree
  • Replacement certificates provided at no charge upon request
  • JX prefix does not impact eligibility for national shows and sales

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, the American Jersey Cattle Association updated the animal database to implement the Jersey-Cross (JX) prefix.

By direction of the AJCA Board of Directors, the JX prefix designates an animal that has one or more ancestors of another breed within six (6) generations. The prefix will be dropped after six (6) generations.

An animal’s Generation Count is not changed by the addition of a JX prefix. Generation Count refers to the number of generations of an animal’s known and AJCA-recorded ancestors. Animals that have seven (7) or more unbroken generations of recorded Jersey ancestors do not have a Generation Count suffix. If less than seven, the number in brackets indicating the number of generations recorded appears as a suffix in the AJCA registration name.

Replacement Certificates. Contact Herd Services to request replacement certificates for animals impacted by the JX prefix changes. There will be no charge.

Eligibility for National Sales and Shows. Implementation of JX prefix does not impact eligibility for national sales (National Heifer Sale, Pot O’Gold Sale, All American Sale) or AJCA-designated regional and national shows. The only eligibility requirement related to AJCA registry status requirement is that animals must have a Generation Count 4 or greater (Board action, March 12, 2016).