The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Animal Health International, a Patterson Company, is exhibiting at the 50th World Ag Expo February 14th-16th in Tulare, California, demonstrating new and innovative solutions which help dairymen and veterinarians run their operations and practices more efficiently and profitably.

Well-known for supplying animal health treatments and preventatives as well as veterinary practice and livestock operation supplies, Animal Health International is also the industry leader in providing innovative technology, software and solutions for herd management, operation management, and feed and commodity management. These solutions will be on display at Animal Health International’s booths in the Farm Credit Dairy Center, booth numbers 6747/6748 and 6906/6907.

On display in booth 6747/6748 will be Animal Health’s Micro-Nutrient machines. The delivery of precise rations and the control of feed and micro-nutrient costs help keep dairy herds productive and dairy operations efficient. Micro-Nutrient machines and feed management systems from Animal Health International help today’s dairymen achieve both goals—productivity and efficiency. Bringing automation and innovation to the milling, batching and feeding process, Animal Health International’s Micro-Nutrient machines and feed-delivery systems provide accurate, reliable and customizable delivery of micro-ingredient rations to dairy cattle without the need for additional supplement storage space, or the waste associated with manual mixing of rations.

Animal Health International knows keeping critical-use, high-value products secure and in-stock is essential to well-managed inventory for veterinary practices and dairy operations alike. In booth number 6906/6907, Animal Health International will have three unique, scalable, customizable inventory management solutions on display during World Ag Expo: PIX, from Turnkey Computer Solutions, a bar-code based system, Apex Inventory Control Solutions units, a point-of-dispensing access-code inventory control system, and StockVUE, which uses a precise, weight-based bin and shelf system. All three solutions are scalable, web-and mobile-enabled, and reduce inventory loss, waste and theft while keeping critical items in-stock and accounted for.

Imrestor (pegbovigrastim injection) from Elanco will also be featured at Animal Health International’s booth 6906/6907. Imrestor is the first and only immune restorative for periparturient cows and heifers. Available only by veterinary prescription, Imrestor reduces the incidence of clinical mastitis by 28% in the first 30 days of lactation in periparturient dairy cows and periparturient replacement dairy heifers. Veterinarians and dairymen are encouraged to visit Animal Health booth 6906/6907 to learn more about Imrestor, and to enter a chance to win a Yeti cooler.

Animal Health International, a Patterson Company, is one of the largest animal health companies in North America, providing products, technologies and solutions to livestock producers, large-, small- and mixed-animal veterinarians, and dealer/farm stores. Animal Health International and sister company Patterson Veterinary Supply represent and distribute products on behalf of more than 1,500 manufacturer-partners in animal health markets, including companion animal, equine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry and swine. For more information, visit