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Accelerated Genetics is excited to announce the release of 014HO07823 Bo-Irish CROWNE-ET, a breed-leading sire at +2734 GTPI. He comes in with extreme production traits, having +2232 pounds of milk with +165 combined fat and protein. To compliment this, CROWNE is +1.4 for Daughter Pregnancy Rate and over +893 for Net Merit$. To add, CROWNE is over +1021 Dairy Wellness Profit$ that will produce health cows for years to come. CoC

“Accelerated Genetics is truly thrilled with the release of 014HO07823 CROWNE!” Says Accelerated Genetics Vice President Dairy Sire Procurement Ryan Weigel. He goes on to say “He brings all the right pieces together for profit-focused dairymen who are looking for great components, production, and fertile cows. With a unique combination of over +1.0 on strength and negative stature, his linear profile has wide spread appeal.”

CROWNE hails from the world renown Larcrest Cosmopolitan cow family. This family’s influence has spread around the globe throught high GTPI sons and daughters and Accelerated Genetics is expecting nothing less from Crowne’s offspring.

Look to this highly anticipated, breed leader to deliver high GTPI, top-notch Wellness, Milk, Fat, Protein, Net Merit, and Daughter Pregnancy Rate in one package! Allow CROWNE to impact your herd by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, calling 1-800-451-9275, emailing or going to

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