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On Friday, March 31st, the LWR System will be featured on an episode of the Water Brothers -TVO’s award-winning eco-adventure documentary series. Currently in its fourth season, the series, hosted, written and produced by brothers Tyler and Alex Mifflin, explores how we can better protect our planet’s most precious resource. In the episode entitled “More Food, Less Water”, the Water Brothers go on an exciting journey through the world of soil, manure and water to explore how farmers are using innovative technologies to combat water waste in agriculture.
Tyler Mifflin, Jim McCormick, Lisa Fast, Alex Mifflin, & Nate Hartway

70% of all the freshwater that is used on the planet is used for growing food. This episode will examine how that water can be used much more efficiently. In upstate New York, the Brothers visit McCormick Farms, a 2000 cow dairy and the largest potato grower in the state. There, they will learn more about the LWR System; a technology that is poised to revolutionize the way dairy farms operate by reducing the dairy’s water use by 40%.

Improving water use efficiency on farms is one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century in order to feed the 2 billion more people living on this planet, by the year 2050. With major food producing regions currently experiencing severe water shortages, it is imperative that we all learn how to grow more food, using less water.

Jim McCormick , president and CEO of the 71 year old family farm says that the benefits of recycling water from manure go beyond the obvious of using less water. “Before the LWR system, our manure was not only labor intensive, but it wasn’t a clean job. We to improve our image and wanted do a better job of taking care of our soils. Now we are doing a lot better job handling the material, and we’re being better neighbors with the folks that live around us,” adding that “it’s been easier to manage our lagoons since we started up the LWR System. We have less activity hauling the material out because we are separating the phosphorous and nitrogen. It’s become a much easier problem to handle in our business."

LWR General Manager JR Brooks says that he is excited to share the McCormick Farms story with the public. “We expect farmers to keep food on our tables in a way that keeps our planet healthy, and McCormick Farms is a great example of how it is possible to produce more food, using less water. We especially appreciate them for opening up their doors to the Water Brothers to showcase how a dairy can recycle water over and over and over again. Our hope is that consumers will recognize and support producers who are leading theindustry towards truly regenerative farming practices.”

The Water Brothers challenge viewers to ask questions and think about the choices they can make as consumers. They remind us that it is important to have science based content to help us understand the world around us in order to better protect our most valuable resource – water.

“We’re incredibly excited for our fourth season and really want to show viewers how small changes in their everyday lives can have a big impact when it comes to protecting water around the world” says co-host Alex. “We are honoured to have a platform where we can help raise awareness and hopefully encourage viewers to take action and help address some of the biggest environmental challenges we face in the world today.” Adds co-host Tyler.

The episode will air this Friday, March 31 will also air on the Knowledge st on TVO , at 7:30pm EST., and Network in Western Canada. LWR will be sponsoring a screening of the episode on Saturday, April 29th in Calgary. To attend the screening, please contact Lisa Fast.

About The Water Brothers

Alex and Tyler Mifflin are the award winning hosts and creators of the acclaimed eco-adventure documentary series The Water Brothers. Over the past five years, they have travelled the globe from the highest peak in Africa to the world’s mightiest rivers, deserts, and to bottom of the ocean, exploring some of the most important water stories of our time. Commissioned by TVO, the series now in its 4th season, is aired in over 40 countries. Winners of the BBC Earth Best newcomers award at the UK’s Wildscreen Festival, and Best Broadcast Series at the prestigious Blue Ocean Film Festival, the Brothers’ passion for environmental education and conservation has led them to become water ambassadors in Canada and around the world. They strongly believe in ensuring that audiences and particularly young people are aware of the challenges we face in relation to our most precious resource – and understand the true economic value of water and the available emerging solutions that their generation will be the ones to have to implement in order to harmonize our relationship with the eco-systems all life on earth depend on. Learn more at

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LWR is a first-class global manufacturer of manure treatment systems that provide hog, dairy and anaerobic digester operations with patented manure treatment technology to capture nutrients including phosphorus and nitrogen, and recycle clean water from livestock manure for reuse at the farm. North America’s leading provider manure treatment systems, the LWR system saves farmers time and money by providing them with a cost-effective solution to manage manure in a sustainable manner. LWR has systems operating throughout Canada and the US. Learn more at