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CDCB has released the official genetic evaluations for April and the AJCA animal database has been updated. Reports for the Top 100 JPI Bulls-Historical and Quick Reference Guide-Top 200 Bulls are now available at Green Book Online. Other Day 1 reports will be added in PDF and Excel formats throughout the day.
JPI Update: Significant rescaling in JPI™ and some re-ranking of animals is to be expected as the number of components has been increased, and new economic weights and standard deviations have been applied. Traits included are PTA protein, 30%; PTA fat, 15%; CFP milk, 8%; Functional Trait Index (incorporating Jersey Udder Index ™, Body Weight Composite, and mobility), 20%; Productive Life, 6%; Livability, 4%; Somatic Cell Score, 6%; Daughter Pregnancy Rate, 7%; and Cow Conception Rate and Heifer Conception Rate, 2% each. Learn more about JPI™ in the view-on-demand webinar posted at Green Book Online.