May 12 2017 08:01 AM

The CF1000S model monitors animals and machines remotely with CalfApp

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DeLaval recently launched a new calf feeder – DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S. This latest model features remote connectivity which allows calf raisers to access information about their calves’ feeding habits and plans from a smart device, such as a phone or tablet. Automatic calf feeding has been praised in research from leading universities for its “intensive” calf feeding capabilities, helping increase calves’ daily rations and intake frequency.*

“The benefits of automated calf feeding – increased milk yields, lower mortality rates, and lower replacement costs – have been widely studied and accepted within the industry,” says Gavin Strang, DeLaval Market Development and Sales Support Manager for Capital Equipment. “However, feeding calves robotically also includes advantages for the producer, like the conversion of higher value labor, and now with CalfApp, the ability to monitor calf data and service the machines remotely.”
Calf Feeder CF1000S

The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association recommends calves double their birth weight in the first 60 days to ensure lifetime health and productive milk yields. DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S helps producers achieve this target growth rate by taking the guesswork out of feeding. DeLaval’s exclusive calf feeder software accommodates each calf’s unique feeding pattern by allowing her to carry over the remaining ration from the previous day.

DeLaval understands that success in automated calf feeding is a team effort, which is why the company requires its dealers to be certified before they install the machines. Furthermore, these dealers are supported by a large network of DeLaval veterinarians, nutritionists and calf health experts to help farms achieve maximum results.

The CalfApp is free for iOS and Android users and can be downloaded here:!calfApp.

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