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GENEX now offers a calcium bolus, RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement, to help make calcium supplementation in cows easier.

RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement is a uniquely formulated bolus product used to promote calcium levels in cows. It features 100 grams of calcium, a mixture between calcium chloride for immediate release and a naturally found combination of seaweed-derived calcium and magnesium oxide for a long-lasting sustained release. RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement also contains vitamin D to maximize absorption and utilization of calcium during the first 24 hours after calving and in other times associated with low calcium levels.

“This calcium supplement is what GENEX members have been asking for. The boluses are missile-shaped and have a smooth coating so both Jersey and Holstein cows can easily swallow them,” states GENEX Resale Product Manager Bob East.

“Unlike other calcium supplement products, RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement only needs to be fed one time. The unique components of this product allow producers to feed two boluses immediately rather than catching a cow a second time to give her an additional bolus.”

RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement is available in boxes of 24 or 60 packages, with two boluses in each package. Contact your GENEX representative to place an order or for more information, or contact customer service at 888.333.1783.

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