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Seventy youth competed at the State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest held on July 17th in Black River Falls in conjunction with the State Ayrshire and Guernsey shows. Ayrshire and Guernsey animals were pulled out of the show strings and Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cattle were trucked in from nearby farms to make classes for the contest. A huge thank you goes out to all of the Black River Falls area breeders who provided animals for the contest and to the Ayrshire and Guernsey breeders who welcomed the State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest to their show.

Dodge County was the top overall and reasons team in the Senior division and will go on to represent Wisconsin in the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo. The Shawano County team took second place overall and will represent Wisconsin and compete at the All American in Harrisburg, PA. Emma Gwidt from Shawano County was the high individual overall and Dawson Nickels from Dodge County was the top reasons individual in the Senior division. The top 4 individual seniors who were not on one of the first or second place teams will come together to form a team that will represent Wisconsin at the NAILE in Lousiville, KY. These 4 individuals are Eva Doornick of St. Croix County, Elise Bleck of Sheboygan County, Colin Uecker of Jefferson County, and Vanessa Roberts of Manitowoc County.

1st Place Junior Team - Barron County

In the Junior competition Barron County won first team overall and St. Croix County was the top team in the Type Analysis Questions category. Summer Hammann from Barron County was the top individual and won the Type Analysis Questions category. Sheboygan County was the second high team in the Junior age division.

Top Five Junior Teams:

1 Barron County

Summer Hammann

Justyne Frisle

Alleah Anderson

Regina Frisle

2 Sheboygan County

Brady Bleck

Campbell Booth

Ella Bindl

3 St Croix County

Bekah Luckwaldt

Libby Wagner

Amelia Dittman

Maren Luckwaldt

4 Pierce County

Ambrea Kjos

Natalie Mark

Braeden Bechel

Quinn Emery

5 Wood County

Sydney Kauffman

Brooklynn Schwoerer

Rainna Simone

Top Fifteen Junior Individuals:

1 Summer Hammann- Barron County

2 Brady Bleck- Sheboygan County

3 Campbell Booth- Sheboygan County

4 Emma Bangart- Wood County

5 Justyne Frisle- Barron County

6 Bekah Luckwaldt- St Croix County

7 Ambrea Kjos- Pierce County

8 Libby Wagner- St Croix County

9 Sydney Kauffman- Wood County

10 Natalie Mark- Pierce County

11 Mercedes Kroll- Kewaunee County

12 Brooklyn Schwoerer- Wood County

13 Rainna Simone- Wood County

14 Braeden Bechel- Pierce County

15 Alleah Anderson- Barron County

First Place Senior Team

Top Five Senior Teams:

1 Dodge County

Kylie Nickels

Dawson Nickels

Ben Buske

Matthew Gunst

2 Shawano County

Emma Gwidt

Madelynn Gwidt

Mason Jauquet

Colin Wussow

3 St Croix County

Eva Doornink

Derek Utecht

Hailey Benkema

Vanessa Achterhof

4 Sheboygan County

Erica Helmer

Elise Bleck

Dallas Kreisa

Jared Abraham

5 Rock County

Nicole Broege

Anne Runde

Emma McNally

Jenna Broege

Top Fifteen Senior Individuals:

1 Emma Gwidt- Shawano County

2 Kylie Nickels- Dodge County

3 Erica Helmer- Sheboygan County

4 Dawson Nickels- Dodge County

5 Ben Buske- Dodge County

6 Eva Doornick- St Croix County

7 Elise Bleck- Sheboygan County

8 Colin Uecker- Jefferson County

9 Vanessa Roberts- Manitowoc County

10 Lauren Siemers- Manitowoc County

11 Madelynn Gwidt- Shawano County

12 Derek Utecht- St Croix County

13 Nicole Broege- Rock County

14 Fritzy Ullom- Dunn County

15 Luke Powers- Dunn County