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The permanent fund for Jersey Youth Academy added $5,250 from the eighth Cow Pie Bingo, held June 24, 2017 at the Wyndham Gateway Hotel in Gettysburg, Penna., during the annual meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc.

Schultz Regency Danikuh

The heifer for this year’s fundraiser was donated by Huffard Dairy Farms, Crockett, Va. Schultz Regency Danikuh (Twin) has a genomic Jersey Performance Index™ of 66 and is a daughter of TJF Visionary Regency, GJPI 142. Behind her is a solid cow family with her dam by High Lawn Headline Quebec-ET scored Very Good with 305-day records of 18,970 lbs. milk calving at 1-8 and 22,510 lbs. milk calving at 2-8.

The Cow Pie Bingo master board

Following contest rules, “Danikuh” was led into a pen marked off into 264 squares and let free to roam until a cow pie was dropped or 60 minutes elapsed. A time-lapse video was shown at the start of the 59th National Heifer Sale (now posted on the USJersey Facebook page). Because no deposit was made during the hour, the winner was determined by a drawing from all ticket holders. National Jersey Queen Maria Jo Noble drew the ticket of Trinda Booher, Auburn Acres, New Castle, Penna.

With the 2017 class completed on July 14, 156 Jersey youth have participated in Jersey Youth Academy. Cow Pie Bingo has now raised $57,160 for the Academy endowment, helping to ensure continuation of the program.

Jersey Youth Academy is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation managed by the American Jersey Cattle Association to attract, educate and retain talented young people for careers in the Jersey dairy business. Contributors represent a broad spectrum of Jersey breeder and dairy industry support. For more information, contact program coordinator Dr. Cherie L. Bayer at (614) 322-4456, or write Jersey Youth Academy, 6486 E. Main Street,