Aug. 15 2017 09:59 AM

Kathy Becher, Matt Scoville and Dale Miller join the ImmuCell family.

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ImmuCell, a growing animal health company, announces the hiring of Kathy Becher, Matt Scoville and Dale Miller. These new faces join an innovative team focused on revolutionizing the animal health industry.

“At ImmuCell, we’re focused on bringing unconventional solutions to dairy and beef producers,” says Bobbi Brockmann, vice president of sales and marketing with ImmuCell. “We’re excited to have these new team members on board to help us do just that.”

Kathy Becher joins the team in a dual role as customer service, and sales and marketing support representative. Her position focuses on building marketing relationships with animal health distributors. Before joining ImmuCell, she served as customer service and office manager at DAY 1 Technology, LLC.

Matt Scoville serves as the regional sales and marketing manager for California, Arizona and Nevada. In this role, he establishes and builds relationships with animal health distributors, veterinarians, calf raisers, dairy farmers and cow/calf operators. Scoville held past positions as a large animal veterinary technician, in pharmaceutical warehousing and dispensing, and as an outside sales representative for Veterinary Service, Inc.

Dale Miller joins the team as the regional sales and marketing manager for the northeast United States and Canada. Like Scoville, Miller will continue building relationships with distributors, veterinarians and producers. Previously Miller was a territory manager for AgriLabs and led Animart’s northeast sales and marketing team.

First Defense® is the only USDA-approved, colostrum-derived, scours preventative which goes Beyond Vaccination to protect against E. coli and coronavirus. A new USDA-approved First Defense® product is coming to market soon with an added rotavirus protection, further establishing ImmuCell’s role as an immunity innovator. ImmuCell is also nearing FDA approval of an intramammary treatment for subclinical mastitis. This treatment will not require a milk discard or meat withhold, and will allow for economical treatment of mastitis before seeing clinical signs.

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ImmuCell (NasdaqCM: ICCC) provides revolutionary solutions to dairy and beef producers looking for “a better way.” Today it’s going Beyond Vaccination to protect newborn calves from scours. Tomorrow it’s a better way to treat mastitis without meat or milk withhold. At ImmuCell, innovation is born from research. Solutions are practical and science-based - the anti-fairy dust. ImmuCell believes in unconventional solutions that break the mold and always has an eye on the future. Find a better way at