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In an announcement made Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R.-VA., released plans to reintroduce a guestworker program bill that will help dairy operations and agricultural-related businesses find year-round workers. The bill is a rework of a previous piece of legislation proposed in 2013.This guestworker program, entitled the “Agricultural Guestworker Act” (AG Act), is designed to be a “more efficient and flexible guestworker program -- known as H-2C -- that is designed to meet the needs of the diverse agriculture industry.”

Unlike previous guestworker programs, such as the H-2A, this program will be run by the USDA rather than the Departments of Homeland Security or Labor, with a goal to ensure the H-2C is more in tune to the various industries in need of both year-round and seasonal workers.

The American Dairy Coalition will continue to work closely with Chairman Goodlatte and his staff to ensure this bill best fits the needs of the various sectors of dairy, livestock and agriculture industries. This bill will be introduced in the House of Representatives soon. ADC is calling on all the dairy, livestock and agriculture industries to unite and work together with Chairman Goodlatte to move this bill all the way to President Trump’s desk for signature.

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