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The opening of the 2017 World Dairy Expo marks the launch of “newness” for Calf-Tel. A new look, a new website and several new products are being introduced this first week of October, 2017! goers will immediately notice a fresh new look and feel complete with a fresh new logo, epic photography, modernized navigation and a responsive design that adapts to any computing device from desktops to laptops to mobile devices and tablets.

Several new products are also being introduced at World Dairy Expo:

The Group Loop: The Calf-Tel Pen System, a favorite amongst producers who raise calves indoors, now offers the Group Loop. The Group Loop is a powder coated, steel arch that easily converts two side-by-side pens into one large grouping pen. Perfect for producers looking for smoother group transition or to manage overflow.

Multi-Max Rear Bedding Door: The Multi-Max, group housing unit, now features a Rear Bedding Door offering farmers an easy way to transfer bedding pack into the housing unit without interfering with calves, feed or water.

Poly-Front Fence & Door: The Poly-Front Fence and Door is a heavy-duty polyethylene, twin-sheet molded plastic front that provides producers with a smaller footprint and is convenient for in-line feeding. It also features a door making it easier to access the calves. The Poly-Front Fence & Door seamlessly attaches to any standard size hutch in the Calf-Tel line.

Pipe-less Base: Calf-Tel is always at the forefront of advances in plastic manufacturing technology. The new Pipe-less Base eliminates steel piping from the foot of hutches with an innovative extrusion design that is nearly indestructible and will last as long as the hutch.

”These are exciting times for Calf-Tel and our customers. Our brand and products are built upon the relationships we have with our customers, being at the forefront of innovation and most importantly the mutual goal of caring for and raising healthy calves,” said Bob Rindo, Vice President of Sale and Marketing for Calf-Tel. “Everything producers see from us can be summed up simply in our tagline: “Heart Meets Smart.”

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