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The 2017 edition of the National Black & White Holstein Show held at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on November 10, 2017 was not only a milestone 95th show, but also set a new record for the number of animals exhibited. There were 380 head of cattle shown at this year’s show which tops the previous record of 378 set in 1998.

“To set a record at the 95th show tells us that the breeders and exhibitors are still eager to participate and that the show scene is still very much alive,” says Chair of the Holstein Canada Shows & Judging Committee, Nancy Beerwort. “This year’s show was another spectacular display of the breed’s finest animals. We could not be more proud of our breed or appreciative of the hard work and dedication by all of the breeders and exhibitors to bring those animals to the ring.”

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair opened its doors for the first time in 1918, and every year the fair has been open, a National Holstein Show has been held. Excellent collaboration between Holstein Canada and the Royal has been the foundation for ensuring the shows run smoothly and are great events each year. While the name of the ring has changed over the years, the Holstein show held in what is now known as the RICOH Coliseum serves as the final culminating event of each show season. It continues to be a must-see event and highlight for breeders, exhibitors and Holstein enthusiasts from across the country and around the world.

Full results from both the 2017 National Black & White Holstein Show and the 2017 National Red & White Holstein Show can be found by visiting: