Dec. 8 2017 08:07 AM

Milk Urea Nitrogen helps producers breed for a more efficient cow

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CRV USA is excited to release strong lineups for both the Holstein and Jersey breeds—delivering on our promise to help producers build better cows for a better life. For several years, CRV USA has helped customers truly focus on ways to make their operation more profitable: building healthier herds, driving efficient production, and producing premium milk. That focus continues today and is further underscored with the release of a new CRV proprietary HerdBuilder trait—Milk Urea Nitrogen.


MUN (Milk Urea Nitrogen) is a term that we hear constantly in the nutrition and milk production world, but did you know that MUN also has a large genetic component? MUN measures the amount of urea nitrogen in the milk, and therefore can be used to determine how efficiently a cow synthesizes protein. This new and exciting breeding value can have an impact on crude protein utilization and the amount of nitrogen excreted to the environment. The heritability of MUN is 65%, greater than Fat or Protein Percent.

  • 097HO41459 LEVATOR is the absolute lineup leader for Milk Urea Nitrogen. With a value of - 3.68 this bull guarantees to lower the MUN content in your milk. Combined with a value of 11 for Better Life Efficiency LEVATOR is an efficiency champion.
  • 097HO41743 HARLEY is a second sire ensuring extremely efficient daughters. With a MUN value of -0.10 and excellent conformation, this sire surely won’t disappoint


Using Better Life Efficiency, CRV continues to help producers breed more efficient and profitable herds. The CRV lineup averages an extreme 10% for Better Life Efficiency—moderating stature, improving feed to milk conversion, and increasing longevity.

  • New bull 097HO41885 MASON is the new lineup leader for Better Life Efficiency at 17%. He uses his +2357 value for PTA Milk to build a foundation for your herd. Combining this with is low stature of +0.36 and Lactation Persistency of 111 MASON is a sire of extremely efficient daughters.
  • 097HO41744 LIGERO is another exceptional option for Efficiency coming in at 16% for BLE. He is a fantastic bull for fat at +90 pounds to go along with very moderate frame size at +0.15 Stature. Daughters will also be Efficient in the parlor with a Milking Speed value of 105.
  • 097HO41651 FORWARD continues to excel in BLE at 13%. This AltaSpring son definitely moves your breeding program forward with his 146 pounds of CFP, high fat and protein percentages, Lactation Persistency of 108 and low Body Weight Composite of +0.06.


Using Better Life Health, CRV continues to help customers breed healthier, fertile, and longer lasting cows. The CRV lineup for Better Life Health is better than ever at 5% —reducing mastitis, preventing lameness, and improving fertility.

  • New addition 097HO41855 EXCLUSIVE is a one of a kind package for health traits with a Better Life Health score of 7%. He is 4.8 SCE and +4.9 DPR to go along with a Hoof Health score of 104.
  • A Jersey leader for health is proven bull 097JE00050 BARKSDALE with a score of 15% for Better Life Health. He has one of the most outstanding values for Productive Life in the Jersey breed at 10.1 and extremely healthy udders with a Somatic Cell Score of 2.63.
  • New Jersey bull, 097JE00165 SULLY, is another great option for healthier herds. He is +1.0 for DPR and excels in Livability at +2.2.


Using milk component and CRV proprietary HerdBuilder traits, we continue to help dairy farmers breed cows that produce more valuable milk. In uncertain milk market trends, CRV can help farmers make their milk more valuable and increase their milk checks without growing your herds.

  • Dutch Holstein and new release, 097HO41760 EMPIRE excels in his Premium Milk traits. He is +0.35% Fat and +0.17% Protein. He has a tremendous NVI value of 350, and is also an A2A2 Beta Casein sire.
  • 097HO41830 AUDIBLE, is the Holstein leader on the CRV lineup for CFP at 170 pounds. He is 106 pounds of Fat with a Fat Percentage of +0.16% and is $922 Net Merit. He is doing this all from a moderate sized cow with his 0.49 value for stature.
  • 097JE00157 CHRISTTY-P is both a great option for Premium Milk and polled genetics. This polled Jersey sire is +0.10% Fat and +0.07% Protein. In addition to being an A2A2 Beta Casein sire, he is also an udder improver at +23.9 JUI.

To learn more about our lineups, the newly-released Milk Urea Nitrogen trait, and how CRV can help you build BETTER COWS FOR A BETTER LIFE, check out our directories and the links below or contact a CRV Genetic Consultant today at 1-855-CRV-COWS.

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