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Get a great start on 2018 with a fresh look at tracking start-up milk responses. Listen in on this ‘Big Fat Idea’ on how to gain a clearer picture of start-up milk using weekly milk lactation plots. Renee Smith from Virtus Nutrition gives a great overview of how this weekly milk view can help:
  1. Monitor fresh cow performance to quickly see changes in herd performance, since the start of the lactation determines the rest of the lactation
  2. Gain faster feedback and clearer insight into the results of changes
  3. Track the effects of transition pen movement, dietary changes, individual cow therapeutic treatments, etc.

We at Virtus Nutrition believe that Fatty Acids Matter. Big Fat Ideas from The Fatty Acid Forum is an email series created to highlight key concepts in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cattle in a simple and impactful way: One Big Fat Idea at a Time. Be sure to forward to a friend, client or colleague to share the knowledge and improve the returns from fatty acids in your dairy cow diets!