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GLA Agricultural Electronics introduces the all new M900 Digital Thermometer. The M900 Thermometer features a completely new design and technology for GLA.

The M900 Thermometer offers the new features:

- A large back lit LCD screen (0.5” numeral display)

- Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature mode

- Peak temperature option (accurate to within 0.1°)

- Temperatures in 8 – 15 seconds

- Extended battery life with the use of a rechargeable lithium ion battery (5-7 days of on time)

- Battery charge indicated on LCD Screen

- USB Port Charger included

- Smaller and lighter

- Saved temperature storage

- Leather carry case available

The M900 Thermometer offers the features that GLA is known for:

- Anodized aluminum construction

- All probes are interchangeable

- Made in San Luis Obispo, CA

- Two year warranty on the M900

For further information:

GLA Agricultural Electronics

3563 Sueldo Street Suite D

San Luis Obispo CA 93401-7331 /

800.346.1182 / 805.541.3758

GLA Agricultural Electronics, digital animal health thermometers made in the USA since 1969.