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The Niederseidewitz Agricultural Cooperative in Bahretal (Germany) has been using a Triotrac self-propelled mixer feeder for their feeding for nearly ten years now. Niederseidewitz's first self-propelled Triotrac was recently retired after 9.5 years of faithful service, having clocked 20,797 working hours!

The 9.5 year-old Triotrac

Niederseidewitz was the very first customer for the first generation Triotrac. On 14 February 2008, the 20 cubic metre self-propelled machine was put into service at this dairy farm consisting of 1080 milking cows and another 900 young stock and has performed perfectly ever since. Twelve loads are made each day, processing an impressive 50 tonnes of feed per day (18,250 tonnes annually). After 9.5 years, the time has come to replace the self-propelled mixer feeder. Once again, a Triotrac was chosen, a completely updated version this time. Not a difficult decision according to owner Dr Fleischer and regular driver Lutz Freudenberg, who worked with the Triotrac for all those 21,000 hours.

A fuel saving of 28 litres a week is very important to us

Dr Fleischer: “The machine worked well for all those years. The new Triotrac can extract silage up to six metres high, since our silage bunker is 5.5 metres high this was an important reason to select another Triotrac. Besides, it allows us to process a large amount of feed very rapidly, saving an enormous amount of time. Up until 2008, we used a self-propelled 14 cubic metre mixer feeder wagon from another manufacturer, we made twelve feed loads a day and it took at least seven hours; now feeding only takes five hours. That means we save fourteen hours of work a week, plus four litres of diesel an hour. A fuel saving of 28 litres a week is very important to us! The larger capacity Triotrac uses a cutting system instead of a mill, the cutting system takes significantly less horsepower than a mill so less fuel is consumed.”

Service and Maintenance

Over the past ten years, various parts have been replaced, from augers and the cutting unit to the entire mixing vessel. "The self-propelled mixer feeder has to run 365 days a year, five hours a day, and is never stationary longer than half a day, no wonder the machine requires maintenance. We do the smaller jobs ourselves, such as filter replacements and oil changes, but major maintenance is done by our dealer. We also receive excellent support from Trioliet themselves. Are there any disadvantages? “Sure, we would prefer a lower purchase price, that's the only negative," laughs Fleischer.

Company Profile

Company name: Farming cooperative Agrargenossenschaft Niederseidewitz e.G.

Director: Dr Fleischer

Triotrac driver: Mr Lutz Freudenberg

Dealer(s): LKH Hormersdorf in collaboration with Agroservice Langenwolmdorf GmbH

Number of dairy cows: 980 head

Number of dry cows: 100 head

Number of calves: 900 head

Number of components: 9

Number of feed turns per day: 12 mixes

Surface area: 2,200 ha