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In 2015 we set out on a journey to create an agriculture consulting firm that would connect consumers to agriculture. As we talked with consumers and farmers across the country, we uncovered that the gap was increasing between what consumers believed and understood about agriculture, and what happens on the farm. We also heard that it wasn’t only where food came from that consumers were concerned about, the sustainability of how farms operated was equally concerning.

To that end, this year, we are excited to launch a new program at UpField that will create revenue streams for programming that will address those gaps, while simultaneously reducing on-farm costs for producers.

The Solar Power for Producers Program (“SPP Program”) was created to first and foremost help farmers lower energy costs and create revenue streams on their land, while ensuring a portion of the energy revenue generated on farms, stays in the agriculture sector. UpField has committed 50% of all fees attained through SPP program efforts to benefiting youth and community programs that connect communities and the farm. Ensuring people know where their food comes from and that society understands who the modern-day farmer is, is important to us at UpField. So, we are literally, putting our money where our mouth is and partnering with farmers to strengthen our industry.

If you are a farmer wishing to lower your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint, and you are interested in solar energy solutions for your farm, give us a call. We guarantee a portion of the revenue generated on your farm by energy companies, will go toward ag centric programs that will increase consumer confidence in your state.